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3/13/2017Mold & Meth Training (Open to All)
Bob Rodosevich, Health & Environmental Technology, LLC will be putting on class for safe working practces and reporting/testing properly. For information call Bob at 719-337-4347 (cell) or 719-593-2862 or email at
2/13/2017Open Forum for new inspectors and license information (Open to All)
Open Forum for new inspectors and license information with Lance of A Precise Home Inspection
1/9/2017Structural Beasts and where to find Them (Open to All)
Barb Lewis will be presenting a class on where and how to locate a real structural problem. This should be a great class and really good for new inspectors that is put on by a Structural engineer.
11/14/2016Roof and Solar Inspection (Open to All)
Home Inspector Training Class on Roof Mounted Solar Issues
10/10/2016Electrical Inspections (Open to All)
P-nut will be lets us know when to call an electrician.
9/12/2016When to call and engineer (Open to All)
RMG will be doing a class on "when to recommend a structural engineer"
8/8/2016Real Estate Mold Inspection (Open to All)
Our instrument is an airborne mold assessment system, using cutting-edge optical detection technology to deliver scientifically accurate results. It instantly calculates airborne mold levels room by room, provides an in-room average real time
7/11/2016Radon Mitigation and indoor air quality (Open to All)
Dave Traenkle with Green Star Services @ 955-H West Garden of the Gods Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719-492-8289 Will focus on what will be useful for home inspectors.Testing protocols, and what you are looking for on a mitigation system inspection.
6/13/2016Mallard Air duct cleaning (Open to All)
Scott With Mallard air duct cleaning @ 719 629 7790 will provide us with a presentation on dryer and duct work servicing and cleaning, See you there.
5/9/2016Insulation type/Identification and safety presentation (Open to All)
This class will be an insulation type identification and safety presentation class. This will also involve air sealing and benefits and health risks on a home that may be built to tight. This is put on by Griff Hanning HOMEfix Owner C: 719-322-7303