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7/10/2017Radon Mitigation and indoor air quality (Open to All)
Dave Traenkle with Green Star Services @ 955-H West Garden of the Gods Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80907 719-492-8289 Will focus on what will be useful for home inspectors.Testing protocols, and what you are looking for on a mitigation system inspection.
5/8/2017 Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps Inc. Inspections, Cleanings & Restoration (Open to All)
Clean Sweep Chimney Sweeps Inc. Inspections, Cleanings & Restoration 719-533-0542 Aspen Stove & Fireplaces SALES/Installation 719-533-1500 Fax 866-822-1260 "In God We Trust"
4/10/2017Roof and Exterior hail damage evaluation (Open to All)
Bobby with Diamond Roofing & Construction will be sharing with us an in depth look at roofing and siding damage and how to identify it Bobby @ 719 434 1369
3/13/2017Mold & Meth Training (Open to All)
Bob Rodosevich, Health & Environmental Technology, LLC will be putting on class for safe working practces and reporting/testing properly. For information call Bob at 719-337-4347 (cell) or 719-593-2862 or email at
2/13/2017Open Forum for new inspectors and license information (Open to All)
Open Forum for new inspectors and license information with Lance of A Precise Home Inspection
1/9/2017Structural Beasts and where to find Them (Open to All)
Barb Lewis will be presenting a class on where and how to locate a real structural problem. This should be a great class and really good for new inspectors that is put on by a Structural engineer.
11/14/2016Roof and Solar Inspection (Open to All)
Home Inspector Training Class on Roof Mounted Solar Issues
10/10/2016Electrical Inspections (Open to All)
P-nut will be lets us know when to call an electrician.
9/12/2016When to call and engineer (Open to All)
RMG will be doing a class on "when to recommend a structural engineer"
8/8/2016Real Estate Mold Inspection (Open to All)
Our instrument is an airborne mold assessment system, using cutting-edge optical detection technology to deliver scientifically accurate results. It instantly calculates airborne mold levels room by room, provides an in-room average real time