Awards Committee By-Laws
The InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors Awards Committee
I. Purpose
The Awards Committee is tasked with three major purposes:

1. To publicize awards offered by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors to ensure participation of outstanding qualified entries.

2. To evaluate nominations employing the established criteria and determine eligibility for Inachi Member of the Year/Gromicko Award.
The Awards Committee will post the selected Nominees in a Poll on the Message board under the Members Only Section, for the Members to vote on.

3. To review suggestions for new awards, develop criteria and guidelines, and implementation.
II. Committee Selection, size, and Length of Terms
The Awards Committee is comprised of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and selected Committee Members. The selection, size, and length of term of each committee member is separately established by the Awards Committee Members. The Awards Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman will serve for a term of two years. Open elections will be held during the month of November every two years for Chairman and Vice Chairman. Eligible to vote will be members of the Awards Committee, only. Committee seats are available to current Awards Committee Members with at least two years experience within the Awards Committee. All committee members are eligible for Chairman and Vice Chairman during their tenure as a committee member.
III. Reporting Procedures
Awards will be announced throughout the year. The Chairman or Vice Chairman will report this information through the INACHI Awards Awards Committee Forum. The Committee ensures that the awards are listed in the Inachi Portal Chapter which is available to all Inachi members.



IV. Duties and Responsibilities
The Awards Committee Members prepare and submit announcements concerning awards for publication and dissemination on the NACHI Bulletin Board or other available means. (i.e. email services, web sites, etc.). The Awards Committee establish deadlines for award nominations. Policy questions regarding criteria or eligibility for an award may be directed to the Awards Committee for necessary clarification. From time to time, the Awards Committee review awards criteria and procedures and recommends any revisions that may be appropriate. The committee may recommend new awards to INACHI Director, Nick Gromicko for review and acceptance. The Awards Committee also evaluates awards and changes to guidelines proposed by members of INACHI and makes recommendation to the Awards concerning the proposals. Should new awards be approved, the Awards Committtee is responsible for drafting appropriate award criteria and procedures. The iNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of any award.
V. Recruiting New Member of the Committee
Award Committee Members are a collaboration of Inachi Members of the Association that are willing to devote their time, opinions, and gather information to better the function of the Awards Committee. Willing to get along with other Committee Members and execute policies, criteria, and new Awards for the Inachi Membership. Each Member of the Committee will be expected to contribute to the Awards Forum and post in the Awards Forum to show their presence and activity. The requirement to request joining the Awards Committee, is set at requiring at least 500 posts on the Inachi Message Board Forum and a clear understanding of the General Membership constituents that take part on that Forum. To request joining this Committee, contact any of the Awards Committee Members listed here;

Marcel Cyr ( )

Larry Kage ( )
VI. Meetings
The Committee will normally meet on the NACHI Awards Committee Forum, or other location to be announced by the Council Chair, These meetings will not entail any travel or expenses to the Awards Committee members. Meetings will be accomplished via internet. This By-Laws were enacted by majority vote and approved for implementation in August, 2011 and revised on June 24, 2012.



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